Gladiators Eat Fire

Self Titled Album & Promotional Material

This is a band and project near and dear to my heart. Based in Seattle, Gladiators Eat Fire is a psychedelic, desert rock, audio experience. The many pieces of this project reflect their energy, creativity, and wierdness.

The creation of this album included not only the album design itself, but music videos, packaging, a cryptic website puzzle, and thousands of posters in a guerrilla marketing campaign that led up to the release of the album. It was basically a creative's playground. Even The Stranger took notice of our efforts with a nice write-up from Megan Seling.

More information about Gladiators Eat Fire and their music can be found here.

Summary of work

  • Album layout and design
  • Album track iconography and photography
  • (4) Music video teasers
  • Music video packaging
  • (4) Album posters
  • Website puzzle with coded message